When a marriage breaks down and a couple decides to separate or divorce, it can be a very stressful time, riddled with anxiety and uncertainty. A couple can become so caught up in messy and expensive legal battles that the process will often become overwhelming. Having the right family lawyer to provide legal advice and support is vital for you while you face the transition and help ensure that your interests, and those of your children, are well-protected. 

Choosing the right one among the countless divorce lawyers will ensure a much faster and less stressful process. However, to choose the best family lawyer to handle your case, you need to know what you should be looking for.

Level of experience

Before you go online to search for “divorce lawyer near me” and pick the first name you see, you need to understand that divorce is a lot more than filling up a form and attaching a few documents. There is a process that needs to be adhered to. An experienced divorce solicitor will provide valuable guidance and advice regarding how your case should be handled. Experienced solicitors know the law extremely well and can help you through the entire process. 

Ability to take on complex family law cases

Australia’s family law is constantly changing and can be complex. Things can also get more complicated when large assets and estate are involved. New cases have the potential to set new precedents, which can lead judges to respond differently in the future. At John and Co, we are specialist family lawyers with intricate knowledge of family law. We also have expertise in resolving the most complex and delicate family law cases. 

Good Track Record

Having a high success rate and a good track record will greatly increase your chances of success. It’s therefore not a good idea to hire a general lawyer who dabbles in family law and handles simple divorce cases on the side. A family lawyer who specialises in family law has handled numerous divorce cases and had them go in their favour might mean the difference between winning and losing your case.

When children are involved, the process becomes more than merely filing a divorce application. It is always best to have the support of an experienced solicitor who has a track record of handling complex family law cases that involve custody matters. Plus, a divorce solicitor who has spent many years handling separation and divorce cases is well-versed in negotiating can increase the chances that your case may be settled amicably.

Affordable, flexible, and transparent on costs

Another important consideration when searching for a divorce lawyer is that the solicitor is honest, transparent and flexible with fees. Divorce can be a time-consuming and expensive process, depending on how complicated the case is. You must find an experienced family solicitor who is transparent about the costs. Although this does not mean that you should hire the cheapest family lawyer, it simply means you must ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.

A reputable divorce lawyer must be honest and open about their costs and what it includes, such as filing fees or disbursements and there are no hidden costs that will catch you by surprise during the process.. Equally important, an experienced divorce lawyer can explain all the options and possible outcomes to enable you to make a sound financial decision. At John and Co, we have flexible plans, where you can pay in instalments, we also offer fixed fee options in some family law matters as well as pay at the end option family law. Deferring the payment of legal fees until the conclusion of the matter can elevate the financial pressure on you and instead lets you focus on the case rather than constantly having to worry about paying your next monthly invoice. There are no hidden or additional costs when you opt for the pay at the end option, in other words, you will not be charged at a higher rate or interest and you will pay exactly at the same rate and scale as if you were paying upfront.