Going through legal issues is overwhelming enough, but it can often get stressful when it involves family, division of property, divorce and custody matters. With so many things at stake, it’s important to find a lawyer you trust. When it comes to finding a legal representative, they should not only be well-versed in all legal intricacies, but also compassionate and attentive.

Why Our Law Firm?

Several family lawyers operate in Liverpool and nearby areas, including Fairfield, Western Sydney, and Parramatta. Local businesses can offer more dedicated service particularly as the reputation in the area is crucial. Unlike the huge faceless law firms, local law firms like John and Co take a more select number of cases, allowing us to give due attention to all clients and cases they handle.

When do you need a family lawyer?

You might need to look for a family law solicitor in Liverpool when you:

  • Are considering a divorce.
  • Need to make alterations to a parenting order that already exists.
  • Need help to settle any property dispute.
  • Need assistance with child support and child custody issues.
  • Want to update your will.

Services offered

The most dedicated law firms in Liverpool can render different types of assistance, including:

  • Helping you understand everything included in your divorce or impending separation.
  • Making you aware of your rights regarding custody, property division, or maintenance issues.
  • Negotiating payments for child support or custody.
  • Making deals for financial settlement and maintenance.
  • Helping in preparation of parenting orders.
  • Getting assistance to appear before the court.
  • Assessing child support.
  • Preparing agreements for child support after access.
  • Drafting and negotiating financial agreements.

Which law firm should you choose?

There are several family and divorce lawyers available in Liverpool. However, only the best have accredited specialists in their team, like John & Co Lawyers. The most dedicated teams should be prepared to handle any challenges that come their way. Some other traits to look for are:

  • Experience: Most lawyers should hold degrees such as a masters in family law. Also, you’re able to check whether they have membership in prestigious organisations like the Family Law Book, Law Council of Australia, the law society of NSW (family law section).

  • Responsiveness: A responsible law firm should be attentive to the different cases they’re handling.

  • A solid track record: You may want to look into the portfolio of a law firm to give you a better understanding of the cases they’ve dealt with previously.

  • Fixed pricing: good law firms should give a transparent, inclusive, and competitive quotation before commencing work.