Be it filing for a divorce, alimony, child custody & support, or estate planning when you find yourself stuck in a complicated family law situation, a good practice is to hire experienced and reliable lawyers for much-needed legal help.

Here are five common tell-tale signs that speak volumes about why hiring family lawyers in Parramatta will be the best decision for you.

1. You’ve arrived at the end of your marriage

No couple ever starts with the intention of ending their relationship with a divorce. But, when things don’t work, ending the marital relationship is the only solution you are left with. The process of seeking divorce often involves a myriad of legal affairs that takes weeks or even months to settle. However, the complexities can be tackled effectively when you consider the assistance of divorce lawyers in Parramatta. Professionals specializing in family law have the knowledge and expertise in handling various marital disputes like domestic partnerships, civil unions, and marriage.

2. You are going through a child custody case

Whether you have questions related to the custody of your child or you are thinking that your divorce case might influence its outcome, the services of a family law solicitor in Parramatta can be of tremendous help. You must contact a lawyer when:

  • Your spouse is not facilitating time for you with the children
  • Your spouse is not adhering to court orders about visitation times
  • Your spouse has not filed their financial disclosure paperwork properly
  • Proceedings of the child custody case are not moving as quickly as they should

3. You are planning to get married and need a prenuptial agreement

Another popular area of family law that dedicated & expert lawyers can help you with is a prenuptial agreement. The agreement is meant for protecting both spouses who decide to enter into a legal contract of marriage.

Agreeing to the various clauses mentioned in a prenuptial might be tricky, not to mention challenging legal terminologies involved. However, that will never be the case when you hire family lawyers in Parramatta for the job. The lawyer will effectively guide you and your spouse through the entire process of the prenup, allowing you to decide what is fair, legal, and the right approach for the agreement.

4. You have a dying family member who has not created a will

Inheritance is an integral part of family law and updating the Will along with estate planning remains a continuous process. With this, you can protect different assets when you are incapable of taking decisions or passing away.

Thanks to the services of a family law solicitor, you can create strategic estate plans and wills while validating the essential documents of inheritance legally.
Remember, preparation of end-of-life documents such as advance directives and wills, will save your loved one from the hassles and expenses of probate (court-supervised method of settling decedent’s assets along with distribution of properties to its heirs).

5. You need strong legal representation in the courtroom

When you are involved in family law or a criminal dispute, and the other party has decided to hire a lawyer, you must contact family or criminal lawyers in Parramatta. By having a competent lawyer to represent your case in the courtroom, the lawyer ensures your legal interests are always protected.

Here, at John and Co Lawyers, we understand that handling family disputes can be a stressful experience. That is why our comprehensive team of legal experts provides the best options available according to your concerns while offering support and guidance throughout the legal process.

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