The breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship can be a trying time for everyone involved. Subsequently, having someone experienced in dealing with the laws and process of obtaining a divorce can help ease the stresses and strains of what is usually a difficult time for all parties involved. Emotions can get out of hand during such a stressful time, and people may often make decisions that they will later regret.

However, having legal advice and representation can cost money. Paying for a lawyer and the fees involved may make an already anxious time much worse. In Australia, the cost of a legal divorce or separation will generally depend on the complexity of the case and how long it takes to conclude.

How much will the entire process cost?

Unfortunately, there is no way to give a fixed answer regarding how much it will cost from the start of a separation to a case’s conclusion, as it will usually depend on a number of factors. One is the relationship between you and your ex-partner and how much you use your divorce lawyer to help you.

A typical family law solicitor will cost you hundreds of dollars per hour. Some law firms will offer the initial meeting for free, but you may not be able to get much advice as it is often a short meeting during which you will communicate your requirements and find out basic aspects such as whether the lawyer in question has the capacity to take on your case.

A professional family solicitor will be open, honest, and transparent in discussing their fee structure with you. Such divorce lawyers will also let you know how much they cost and whether they offer payment plans.

Types of legal cost structures

The common types of legal cost structures as advertised by most divorce solicitors are as follows:

No win, no fee – This is usually reserved for matters like contractual disputes or other civil litigation issues and is rarely offered in matters of family law.

Fixed fees – This type of structure works well in cases such as probates and wills. As the area of family law is hardly simple, outcomes are not always known. Most divorce lawyers in Sydney who offer fixed fees may have had a buffer built into the price to cover all possible eventualities, and therefore, may not be the most cost-effective choice.

Fee-for-service – This means that you will pay only for the service you receive. A family lawyer may generally charge a certain amount per hour, or in units.

At John and Co, you will be provided with clear explanations of the available payment plans we offer. Our fees are transparent and will be explained to you from the very beginning. There won’t be any expensive surprises, and we also advise you on costs for more complex family law cases, where there is a large asset pool.

Being specialty family and divorce lawyers, at John and Co, we can offer you the sort of services and attention that you would normally expect from big firms, but with the amount of focus and care of a small firm. Compared to most top-tier firms where you initially meet paralegals or interns, we will ensure that you are contacted by professional family lawyers with a master’s degree in Family Law, who are members of the Law Council of Australia.

If you are searching for a divorce lawyer, consider specialists in family law with extensive experience in handling complex family law cases. Contact us at John and Co today.