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Total & Permanent Disablement

Total and Permanent Disablement

If you’re injured or have an illness that means you can’t work again, you may find yourself in financial difficulties. That’s why many people take out total and permanent disability insurance. It can give you an income that’s similar to what you would’ve earned if you’d died because of the injury or illness. When you die, life insurance is there to support your family and total and permanent disability insurance is there to cover you and your family while you’re still alive.

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    Our dedicated team in Parramatta and Fairfield personal injury lawyers understand just how difficult it can be to come to terms with your injury and illness. At this stressful time, we can guide you so you save time and make decisions quickly. We can help you:

    • Understand what your rights and options are.
    • Complete and lodge your total and permanent disability claim.
    • Make sure that you have all the correct paperwork and it’s submitted with your claim.
    • Make sure all of your lodgement forms are completed in the exact way your superannuation funds needs them.
    • Make sure your lodgement forms are completed exactly as required by your superannuation fund.
    • Represent you in Court if your claim is denied or disputed.
    • Negotiate your claim if there is a dispute or issue with it.

    Total and Permanent Disability Insurance Covers You If You Can’t Work

    If you’re injured or have an illness that makes it impossible for you to work again, total and permanent disability insurance can give you and your family financial protection.

    Most total and permanent disability insurance claims often involve a dispute about whether you can continue working eventually or not. In some cases, it’s fairly straight forward For example if you’re a quadriplegic it may be quite obvious from the outset whether or not you’ll be able to continue working. But most cases can be more complex and it isn’t always clear whether or not you’ll ever be able to return to work.

    In most cases, a claim for total and permanent disability insurance will be made through your superannuation fund. This means that your superannuation fund and insurer will both probably investigate your claim. Every claim will need to be investigated, so there’s no need to be alarmed. They’ll need to make reasonable enquiries so that they can properly decide your claim.

    The actual claims process shouldn’t feel like a dispute or an “us versus them” process. You don’t have to prove your claim, in fact the onus is on your insurer and superannuation fund to properly investigate your claim so they can make a fully informed decision. They also can’t delay their decision unnecessarily. Under the law they must make a decision reasonably quickly so you can have some certainty.


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